And on the 6th day, God created….. FRIDAY!

Lately I’ve stepped up the food prep each week, preparing homemade salads with various flavors of homemade grilled chicken and yogurt-based dressing for the week. While I do enjoy these healthy little meals, and I am saving $$$, it gets old and boring some days. Note to self: mix up the lunches.


All week long I’ve felt like this:

wpid-jcm8wxc.jpgAnd I know it will pass. I love veggies. I like being active. My body is just adjusting to not eating like crap half the time. Oh so much fun. Also definitely for my benefit, to avoid further progress toward a double chin like Kevin has, there.

Friday finally decided to show its face, which meant I got to eat out for a friend’s birthday at lunch.  Enter Thai food: light sushi, curry, and a couple of bites of scrumptious pineapple cake from Brick Street Café. A very welcomed break from the daily salad grind.

I’ve heard that you get in shape in the gym, and lose weight in the kitchen. This is probably true. And I’ve definitely been more active these last 5 days than I have in, like, 3 months.


But I also love food and wine. And beer, which is essentially belongs in its own food group. So I guess I have to work out extra hard so I can continue to enjoy my pinot noir, cheeses, carbohydrates, and let’s be honest……pizza. One of my life joys. I’ll keep eating the lettuce and running the miles. But our days are too numbered to deprive yourself completely. Amiright?



Work in Progress

Hello there!! I'm alive! And very well, I might add.

My oh my, many months have passed since my last post. The last 11 months have been somewhat of a roller coaster — a mostly good, sometimes uphill, but fun on the way down and exciting in the loopty loops. I’ve been through a lot of personal growth and change, but have learned so much about myself and feel confident, happy, and content.

I started training for my first half marathon this week, on June 1st. I turned 30 in May, and thought it would be a meaningful way to kick off the next decade. D-day is 10/31, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this scary goal of mine will take place on Halloween. On my 2nd 3-mile run today, I didn’t have any headphones in and had lots of time (34 minutes, to be exact) to think and clear my head. I thought, “You know? I kind of miss blogging.” So here we are, blog revived. Hello, followers and the interwebs! Hope life has been treating you well.


^^A snippet of my training plan!

For the next 8 weeks, I’m running 4 days per week. The following 14 weeks are 5-days-per-week runs — ahh! I promise to keep my commentary colorful and updates unfiltered, as I document my progress this summer and fall. On my days off from running you can count on me rattling of details of fun happenings in my life, good eats, my favorite things, and other day-to-day shenanigans. Sound like a plan? Good.

So I ran my first 3 miles on Tuesday, and my 2nd run today was also 3 miles. At a friend’s suggestion, I checked out a new spot during my lunchbreak: Conestee Park. This park is actually really nice, but out in the middle of nowhere on the outskirts of Greenville. I was the only car in the public park car lot at 11:00 AM on a Thursday, and the trail was totally empty, other than one old man who was speed walking in his neon outfit and tall white old man socks.

^^Slow and steady wins the race.... right?

^^Slow and steady wins the race…. right?

It was equal parts eerily quiet and beautifully peaceful. At times I definitely thought I was going to get murdered, my body thrown into the murky shallow lake water. Alas, I survived, ran my (pretty slow) 3 miles, and felt really great the remainder of the day. I’m happy to know this little place exists, and look forward to my next trek there.

Some other thoughts from my run today (and Tuesday, for that matter):

  • ohmygod my lungs are on fire.
  • Should not have had that last glass of wine.
  • Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. (A la “Finding Nemo”, in my brother’s tone of voice)
  • Why has it only been 10 minutes?
  • It doesn’t matter how slow you go, as long as you don’t stop. (Repeated this about 100 times.)
  • Why did I stop running after the last 10k?
  • It really sucks to start over.
  • (Pretending as if a loved one is injured back at my starting point to make myself run faster to save them.)
  • 3 miles is nothing, compared to the 13.1 that lies ahead……. KEEP MOVING FORWARD! One foot in front of the other.

As my sweet friend LB said to me recently, “There is no one giant step that does it. It’s a lot of little steps.”

Here’s to a lot of little steps over the next 22 weeks!