Weekend Recap / Welcome Monday!

Hello, and holy crap it’s Monday again. Hope your weekend didn’t fly by as fast as mine did.It was a busy few days off for me. Time with family, friends, and doing fun things. Saturday my legs were still uber sore from running, yoga, and cycling last week. My original training plan was 20 weeks long, but I added 2 weeks on to give my body time to acclamate, and to make sure the training ended exactly on the date of the half.
I give you this backstory because I decided to let my legs have a rest this weekend and just have a couple of days off. I was still active — some biking, walking, and a (tiny bit of) cardio activity during a human foosball game I played Sunday afternoon. I also ate delish food, but tried to be good. This includes this yummy charcuterie I made Friday night before we went out:
 Saturday started out superbly, with my first visit of the season (FINALLY!) to the Saturday Market, my fave.
We took an empty backpack to fill with delish local produce and such, but only ended up leaving with a baguette, which we enjoyed during the leisurely stroll up and down Main Street. I always love the Saturday market, and look forward to making a list this week to pair with recipes and food prep for next week. Also, how is it not tomato season yet?! It’s June! Ready to see those yummy purple and green heirlooms and fat, juicy red tomatoes on my plate.
The Market was followed by lots o’ walking in the West End, for the yearly West End festival. It was a neat little gathering of local artists, food demonstrations, restaurants, and vendors from the West End. And of course, this allowed for drinking in the street. Always fun to take in the local fests with a cold beer in hand.
To be 100% honest with you, I’d planned on doing 3 miles Sunday morning, then this happened:
I felt guilty for about 10 seconds, then decided to enjoy a rare lazy Sunday morning in bed for an extra 30 minutes. With my fave oh-so-good-for-me food for brunch. It was actually exactly what I needed.
On to a new day, which is already off to a great start. On my way to yoga in my car at 5:15 AM, I was wondering why the hell I’m still waking up at the ass crack of dawn to teach yoga, nearly 4 years in. But my students were awesome, positive, and always make waking up before the sun worth it. Leaving class I felt grateful to have the opportunity to share yoga and help people feel good.

Some of my goals for today:
  • Stay positive.
  • Clean out work inbox and kick ass professionally.
  • Treat others with kindness, even if they suck.
  • Do not get sucked into an Instagram and/or Facebook wormhole at any point. (e.g. Stay focused and productive until bedtime!)
  • Don’t eat pizza.
  • Do stay hydrated.
  • Yoga after work.
  • Sunday food prep on Monday.
  • Solid night’s sleep.
Alright, time to finish my much-healthier-for-me-than-cold-pizza oatmeal breakfast and start marking things off of my goal list. Cheers to another week! Hope your Monday is already off to a great start, too.

Life lately…and puppy pic overload.

Here’s what the dogs and I have been up to since my last post!


^^Weekend family/girls’ road trip for my soon-to-be-born niece’s shower! I’m sooooooo excited to meet her in a few months! She’s still cooking away. Suffice to say, I am determined to be her favorite aunt. My favorite part of this photo is obviously that peace sign my grandmother is flashing.

wpid-20140803_181103.jpg^^Here’s a random shot from my perfect Sunday. Fun times at another Drive game with great company.


^^My sister and I got in some bonding time, and I got in my weekly Chipotle fix! Nom nom.

wpid-20140807_093502.jpg^^I’ve been macking on iced green tea all week. A friend gave me some Republic of Tea Double Green Matcha Tea for my birthday…. best!


^^And I had my fave ultra-healthy blueberry muffin from Great Harvest yesterday. These are sooo good, and really good for you. Perfect match with my iced green tea. Yum!


^^ I had one of the best work cocktail hour-turned empowered girls’ night last night (and this yummy Dos Equis Amber). Again, I continue to feel grateful to know and work with so many wonderful people. It’s really made my year to be able to bond with and open up to so many new people. If we were talking about this in person right now, I would tell you, “hashtag blessed.”


^^The dogs have been extra cute lately. Can you feel their crazy energy oozing out of this picture?


^^Always precious to wake up to my little snuggle buddy.


^^ Until she eats her anti-anxiety pills….and the bottle.


^^Then she’s cute again when I throw the bottle in frustration, and she fetches it like the toy it clearly is to her. Do you see Callie’s look of “this is so typical” in the background?


^^Lots of walks this week! Good for the pups and my human legs.


^^The girls went to Camp Bow Wow Wednesday to play. I’ve been feeling a little guilty for being away from home so much lately and thought they deserved some camp time with their friends! Major distraction at work, by the way. Just look how cute they are hanging out with that poodle.


^^This was at 7:45 AM today. All 3 of us woke up really happy this morning. Yay for Fridays! They’re the cutest.



Another great week in the books! I looked at my planner this morning and felt actually a little overwhelmed at all of my plans over the next 3 days….. Don’t worry, it’s all great stuff! Yoga, brunches, birthday party, several dinners with friends. Cheers to the weekend!