Favorite Movie Tuesday: “The Royal Tenenbaums”

These three equally break and make my heart warm.

Oh, you guys. Today was so much better than yesterday. It was a productive and overall good day. Luckily the rain held out, and I was able to take a long bike ride. I love the Swamp Rabbit, but it’s super flat. To make sure I got a good enough workout, I kept the resistance at the highest level for all 8 miles and went as hard as I could. You know, with the occasional slam on the breaks to avoid a head-on collision with the random, stray child on a kiddie bike. It was a great afternoon.

I foolishly visited The Fresh Market on the way home for “a couple of things,” and ended up with a large,  full basket. Ah well. I poured a small glass of red, snuggled up to the pups, and because I am on a major Wes Anderson high I popped in “The Royal Tenanbaums.” I’ve been craving it since Sunday.


I think I’ve seen this movie about 60 times, seriously. The cast, the music, the filming, the story line, the colors, the mood of it all. It’s a consistent favorite that I will never tire of watching. “I’ve always wanted to be a Tenenbaum.”


No kidding, after days like yesterday, when I felt so down and overall just shitty, a non-eventful day like today, with a full work agenda, laughs with coworkers, lunch with a friend, good backgound music to work to, an overcast bike ride, and a fave flick to wrap up the day…. Score!

Oh, and this scene from the movie just kills me. Tears. Every time.


I fell in love with this movie and the soundtrack in high school and still, when I watch it today, it can still transport me……..

…….especially when this song comes on. I know this is a super heavy and sad scene, but the music, how the story builds, Luke Wilson….it just melts me. Speaking of melting…..time to melt away into my bed. Goodnight! Thanks for stopping by! xo


What day is it?

The last couple of weeks have been insanely busy. I’ve been consistently busy with work (which is great — no complaints!), and have been going back and forth between Greenville and Charlotte….so much so that I keep losing track of what day it is. It blurs together sometimes, being a remote worker. To make things more confusing, I’m off today for a paid holiday. Seriously, all day I’ve thought it was Saturday……sigh. Well, it’s nice to have an extra day to get my $#*! done, and find more time to relax and watch HBO Go until I fall asleep tonight. (PS – I am so in love with “Girls” right now. I’ve been majorly binge watching this week.)

Cooking with my grandmother last Friday....one of her featured ingredients!

Cooking with my grandmother last Friday….one of her featured ingredients!

I’ve also been under some stress….a lot of it. Stress paired with busy schedule and lots of driving = me making horrible dietary choices. I am jealous of people who lose their appetite when they are stressed or upset. I so wish I weren’t a stress eater. Alas, I am a little embarrassed to share what I’ve been eating (and drinking) for the last 2 weeks.

Avocados are already a staple in my diet. They went pretty quickly this week, on my Wasa crackers with lemon juice...yum.

Avocados are already a staple in my diet. They went pretty quickly this week, on my Wasa crackers with lemon juice…yum.

I read once that this month’s diet is next month’s body. If this is true, then I am definitely not going to be ready for swimsuit season when May rolls around. I used to tell myself that it all starts with my fork. Making consistently smart choices meal after meal adds up to a healthy diet, right? I will say that I’ve enjoyed my abnormally horrible diet this week. Lots of tasty food and drink.

I ate a Chipotle bowl (no rice or dairy) twice this week. Not too bad for me, and always great comfort food.

I ate a Chipotle bowl (no rice or dairy) twice this week. Not too bad for me (though I did have steak), and always great comfort food.

It always feels great to whittle myself back down when I’ve gained a few pounds, and get focused on clean eating, fresh fruit and veggie juices, low-to-no-carb, and getting back to my regular exercise routine. I’m looking forward to being in a calmer place next week, to focus on getting back on track.

I snapped this when I was out at lunch yesterday. This fits perfectly with my mentality this month.

I snapped this when I was out at lunch yesterday at a random place a town over, where a friend and I eat lunch sometimes. This fits perfectly with my mentality this month! Wish it were true.

Really, this has been a difficult month, and I am a perfectionist. I realize that I am not obese. I’m trying not to be too hard on myself and just take it a day at a time…. chin up and moving forward!