And on the 6th day, God created….. FRIDAY!

Lately I’ve stepped up the food prep each week, preparing homemade salads with various flavors of homemade grilled chicken and yogurt-based dressing for the week. While I do enjoy these healthy little meals, and I am saving $$$, it gets old and boring some days. Note to self: mix up the lunches.


All week long I’ve felt like this:

wpid-jcm8wxc.jpgAnd I know it will pass. I love veggies. I like being active. My body is just adjusting to not eating like crap half the time. Oh so much fun. Also definitely for my benefit, to avoid further progress toward a double chin like Kevin has, there.

Friday finally decided to show its face, which meant I got to eat out for a friend’s birthday at lunch.  Enter Thai food: light sushi, curry, and a couple of bites of scrumptious pineapple cake from Brick Street Café. A very welcomed break from the daily salad grind.

I’ve heard that you get in shape in the gym, and lose weight in the kitchen. This is probably true. And I’ve definitely been more active these last 5 days than I have in, like, 3 months.


But I also love food and wine. And beer, which is essentially belongs in its own food group. So I guess I have to work out extra hard so I can continue to enjoy my pinot noir, cheeses, carbohydrates, and let’s be honest……pizza. One of my life joys. I’ll keep eating the lettuce and running the miles. But our days are too numbered to deprive yourself completely. Amiright?



Frankie Goes to Hollywood

Happy national relaxation day!

Did you know that today is national relaxation day? It’s a good thing I’d already decided to take a half day and have some much needed me-time.

The weather is supposed to be very nice today, so the pups and I are going for a hike, then I will celebrate this wonderful national holiday (is it a holiday?) next to my pool with a cocktail. Ahhh…. that will definitely be a relaxing way to spend my Friday afternoon.


I’ve had another really great week. Truly, each day I feel happy to wake up to a new sun rising. I took a moment yesterday to just stop and enjoy this beautiful sunrise and soak in some gratitude and happiness. Lately I’ve been focusing more on staying positive and just not giving a f#*! about other people’s drama or negativity.

It makes such a difference in my day when I choose to let negativity float by, rather than reach out and grab it and let it affect me. Life’s too short. It’s a great way to live! Like Abraham Lincoln once said, “Most people are as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

Hope you find some time today to unwind on national relaxation day. Can I get a shout out for the weekend? Woo!