“Freedom Friday!…but still on a Tuesday.”

You are correct. That is from “The Lego Movie.”

Good morning, and welcome to day 2 of our workweek. Yesterday was like:


I know we all have those days. I’m just grateful I survived emotionally unscathed, and that it’s another day. I’ve always thought that the bad days make the good ones seem that much better!

I rounded out a really long and hard day with yoga. It’s been years since I’ve taken a beginner yoga class, or a non-heated class. Slowing down the pace and not having the heat as a distraction (e.g. Eff, it’s hot in here. Can we get some fresh air? Holy crap what’s she got the temp set to?) was actually a really nice change.

I was able to focus on my body, breath, and the sequence, and didn’t leave feeling drained. Just what I needed!

Today will be awesome because I get to see my little chunk of a niece!


I’ve also started off the day on a great foot (pun intended). it was a muggy 6 a.m. run, but I did it! I’m worried less about my pace, and can already tell that I’m getting stronger.


There are several hills on this 3 mile course that I normally run. Usually I have to slow down after the first little hill, or come to a stop, but today I made up the big hill without stopping. It was a good feeling, and was very encouraging.

Well, cheers to Tuesday! Go out there and create a good day.


Happy about nothing

June was a crazy month. I stayed busy…almost too busy, actually. I met a lot of new people, made a lot of plans, taught a ton of yoga, and was seemingly on the go every night of the week — all month long. It’s been fun and great to keep moving and be social. However, I’m ready for a little downtime and normalcy…starting now. Last night I Netflixed it up (with Chipotle….nom nom) and fell asleep at 9:30… it was amazing. I bounced out of bed at 5:00 AM and was ready to tackle my day.

Often when I get too busy, don’t have enough alone time, or if I’m lacking sleep, I get overwhelmed very easily and I’m just not myself. I’ve felt a little “off” over the last week or 2, and have struggled to stay positive and make healthy choices for myself (e.g. “just one more glass of wine” or “mushroom pizza will make this better”). Time to get it together.

I saw this header pic this morning while waiting on my yoga students to come in for my 6 AM class, and I loved it so much. It’s simple but true. Perspective really is everything, when it comes to being positive and happy. Life can knock the wind out of us, or sometimes even seem like “what is the point of all of this?!” Choosing to find happiness in the mundane, seeing the blue sky through the clouds, knowing that bad days pass, life moves forward, and it gets better… Choosing to be happy about nothing, in general, just happy…it’s a good foundation for lots of happy days.


So that’s my focus today. Like I’m wearing Teflon for drama and negativity, I’m going to focus on staying positive, being happy, choosing to see the good, even when it’s not staring me right in the face. Here’s to another happy day! July is already flying by……make today count!