>What’s up with vegetarianism?

>A great friend of mine asked me for some website recommendations for vegetarian sites. He’s considering becoming vegetarian, and I’m so proud of him, no matter his reasoning. I recommended the following sites, just as a starting off point for people who have no idea about vegetarianism: 

There’s a lot of great information on the net about vegans and vegetarians. However, there is also a lot of misinformation, and negative, sometimes extremely opinionated website content out there for veggie beginners to absorb. The sites above are only a few of probably hundreds, but that I think are some of the best.

If you’re thinking of becoming a vegan or vegetarian, of course follow your heart. But lean into it. Sometimes our bodies go into shock when we start completely cutting out food groups that we’ve eaten our entire lives. Maybe start with a vegetarian day one day per week. Take it slow, and don’t overwhelm yourself.


>Vegan Menu


  • Breakfast: 6 oz plain almond milk, 24 oz water, Vega (didn’t have time to make my usual oatmeal with nuts, so I had a delish and nutritious shake)
  • Snack: About 3/4 cup Plain Cheerios (I know, I felt like a kid eating Cheerios in my office out of a plastic snack bag, but they were really good.)
  • Lunch: Large portion of leftover veggie mix from Tuesday’s dinner (All oven roasted, with a touch of balsamic vingear: red potatoes, red onion, one tomato, eggplant, freshly ground black pepper.)
  • Green Tea (with added Ginseng) and Lemon
  • Dinner: Boca Burger on small serving of toasted vegan bread, 1/4 avocado, red onion; sweet potato fries
  • Sleepytime Tea (Haven’t had as of this post, but will before bedtime…)

Also, I had tons of water today. Lots of hot yoga = triple my daily water consumption.