Hello from the coast!

Good morning!

Yesterday I drove a quick 5 hours to the coast for a work conference. When I got here, I went straight to the shore and literally ran into the ocean. There’s something about being by the shore that is so healing and calming. When I stand by the ocean, I feel so small and get this great perspective about myself and my life. With my feet in the ocean, I feel like all the problems in my life are so little and insignificant, when compared to the vastness of the sea and the great big world out there. Basically, being by the sea is like visiting my therapist.

Storms have been threatening us here, and it rained for about 30 minutes yesterday while I was indoors in a meeting. Perfect! I slept with the door open last night and let the roaring waves lull me to sleep. I woke up with the sun feeling grateful for a new day, then had some breakfast while watching BBC World News. I’m not much of a news person (why start your day reading depressing things?), but hearing hard news in a British accent somehow makes things easier for me to digest early in the morning.

I’m off in a few for a long walk down the beach, before I’m held hostage indoors by the conference meetings the rest of the day. I will do my best to focus on the speakers and not the fact that the ocean is just yards away, begging me to get my toes wet and sandy. Feeling very grateful this morning.

Happy Thursday to you!


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